Press Release – Lori Hamilton Endorsements

March 4, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Lori Hamilton has been endorsed by Sheriff David Grice of Davidson County, Sheriff Andy Stokes of Davie County, and the North Carolina Trooper’s Association. These dedicated law enforcement officers and representatives have pledged their support for Lori Hamilton, based on her career, her experience, and her character. This race is to elect a Superior Court Judge for the 22B Judicial District, and the Sheriff of every county in this District has endorsed Lori Hamilton.

We are pleased to announce that two judges of the 22B Judicial District have endorsed Lori Hamilton. Judge Mary Paul and Judge B. Carlton Terry, Jr. have endorsed Lori Hamilton, based on her reputation, work experience, and high character. Lori Hamilton feels blessed to receive the gracious endorsement and support of these folks, and the numerous supporters in the community.

One of our opponents has, unfortunately, acted inconsistent with the behavior expected of a candidate for such a prestigious position. This opponent, upset at the overwhelming support of law enforcement, fellow attorneys, and the people of Davidson County and Davie County, has denied our endorsements. So, please find attached the letters personally written and delivered by Sheriff Grice and Sheriff Stokes to support our campaign.

David Grice Endorsement

Andy Stokes Endorsement

We invite anyone with questions to contact any one of Lori Hamilton’s many supporters, catch her at one of our local establishments, or visit


The Committee to Elect Lori Hamilton for Superior Court