A Tribute to Lori, by her son, Ryan Hamilton

Lori’s son, Ryan, recently wrote the following tribute to his Mother, and posted it on Facebook.  These are his words, in their entirety.  Disclaimer:  you may want to have some tissues nearby.

“October 5 at 10:36pm · Paauilo, HI ·

Lori. It may not mean much coming from me to the people out here in Facebook land, as I’m your Son and all…but if I can I’d like to say something to you if I might.

I’ve deployed multiple times. Afghanistan and Iraq with the Airborne Infantry. I’ve been shot at, blown up, and put under such duress and pressure I felt like I was going to crumble under it. My entire adult life has been spent in conflict. Every time I’m in a bad spot I think about you and Isabella. I think about the strength you’ve shown to me your entire life to get where you are. We started with nothing in an apartment building in downtown Charlotte. You put yourself through college and law school, moved to an unknown town and didn’t just establish yourself, you thrived. The sheer determination and resiliency you’ve shown at every angle of your life is the one single thing I’ve drawn on when things go from bad to worse for me, and along with the love you have shown me, will be my greatest gift to my Daughter.

You are a kind person, and a brilliant lawyer. Hard as a coffin nail, but I’ve never seen you act unfairly towards anyone. Your moral compass has always been a guiding light for me when darkness closes in. The lessons you have taught me through your own example have been my foundation. They have facilitated my career in becoming a Senior Non-Commissioned officer, and has taken the ambiguity out of a lot of poor choices I would otherwise have been at risk to in my personal life.

You are absolutely the strongest woman I have ever known. To borrow a quote from a much better man then myself “If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of Giants.”-Sir Isaac Newton

Mom, you’re the tallest I know.”


Photos below feature Lori’s son Ryan, her daughter Sara, her son James, and her granddaughter.

ryan-in-dress-uniform ryan-and-james ryan-and-sara ryan-and-isabella

My son, Ryan Hamilton, Sgt. 1st Class, in Iraq. I'm so proud of this young patriot!
My son, Ryan Hamilton, Sgt. 1st Class, in Iraq. I’m so proud of this young patriot!